You Don't Want to Change

(Pat Robinson, Bonny Moon)

I feel the tears building up inside
Every time you come around
I want to shake you hard, wake you up
Put your feet back on the ground

I believe that we had something
And it was worth fighting for
It's hard to watch a love so strong
Walking out the door

And there's nothing I can do
Nothing anyone can say
You make your bed
Where you lay your head
And that's where it's gonna stay
If it were all up to me
Nothing would be in the way
But everyone's gonna lose
'Cause you don't want to change

It's not that I don't care anymore
It's that you've given up on us
It seems you'd rather keep your independence
Than build a life of trust

I thought this was forever
And we would always work things through
But there comes a time
In all our lives
When we've got to face the truth


It takes two people who are willing to give
Because they care so much
It takes two people who are willing to work
Hard for what they really want

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