You Did What I Couldn't Do

(Pat Robinson, Bonny Moon)

You know it's hard sometimes
To say what's on your mind
No one ever wants to
Hurt the one they love

After all this time
We couldn't get it right
You weren't satisfied
Baby neither was I enough

You did what I couldn't do
I didn't have the strength to say we were through
You finally put an end … to what we both knew
Was over

You said … what I couldn't say
Didn't let … your heart in the way
It's the best thing … for me and you
You did what I couldn't do

Sleeping in separate beds, nothing said
Sometimes for days and nights
We'd leave all the lights
Turned on

We're better off as friends
No reason to pretend
Never meant to be
Passionately … in love

I kept saying to myself …things are going to work out
So afraid to face the truth … without you

And things will work out fine
You've always been the strong one
Just the wrong one … for me
It takes more than love

I don't sleep … too well at night
Knowing you … won't be holding me tight
I don't care… what's right or wrong
I love you baby … want you all night long

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