What About Johnny?

(Michael Georgiades, Pat Robinson)

Ice cold stare nothing quite so heartless
The day begins a little after darkness
If five 'll get you ten ten 'll get you forty this time

Quantico has the information
There's no defense against premeditation
And there's nothing quite as frightening
As something you can't see

Like Johnny
What about Johnny?

Visible yet undetected
You never expect the unexpected
You're just in the wrong place
At the wrong time

It's Jack the Ripper, John the clown
It's ordinary people in ordinary towns
Everyone's suspicious
But don't know who to suspect

What about Johnny?
What about Johnny?

Now somewhere in the compound
Four men are playing bridge
All confirmed killers on their own
It's gonna take a crowbar to get inside this mind

And all we have is reflex when there's no time to think
As the ice melts slowly in his nine o'clock drink
Maybe we're too caught up in common sense
Cause if they had it to do over, they'd do it over and over again

Like Johnny
What about Johnny?

The most dangerous men in all creation
Just walk away and change location
Lock the doors and close your windows tight
That's right
If we find this hard to understand
Just too much to comprehend
You may be relying a little too much on logic
That's the trick

What about Johnny?
What about Johnny?

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