Two for the Road

(Pat Robinson, Dick Holler)

When you told him, did he break down and cry
Like I did when I told her goodbye
Hardest thing I ever had to do
I told her goodbye, now I'm leavin' with you

Whatcha' thinkin', are you havin' some doubts
Wondrin' if it's gonna work out
Startin' over's so hard to do
Are we in love, or are we just fools

(Now we're) two for the road, one and one makes
Two for the road, what's done is done
So don't look back to see if anybody's missin' you
Two for the road, (just) me and you

I got nothin' but the love in your eyes
And feelin's I don't have to disguise
Dreams I thought could never come true
Life's startin' over, this time with you

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