Time for Change

(Timothea Beckerman, Steven Busch, Pat Robinson)

Don't you know it's time for a change?
We've just been growin' apart
Oh baby there's no one to blame
But times keep gettin' so hard

It's time baby, there's something I have to tell you
It's time for a change
I can't put it off any longer
I got to feed this hunger

It's the closeness that I need
It's time for change
You don't love me anymore
I've been lettin' myself go
Looks like love's taken its toll on us both

There's been some wandering eyes
Broken dreams, promises and lies
There's too much of life left in my soul
I didn't wanna give up, but I'm convinced baby I've got to go

It's time for me to change
It's time to rearrange
It's just been upside down

It's time for change
For I must move on
I've got to carry on
It's time for change

Been sleeping alone for too many years
While you were just two feet away
Yet I'm feeling every breath that you take
While our old dreams roll through my head

It's time for change
It's time to rearrange
Turn my life around
There's no one to blame
It's time for change

Feel I must move on
It's time to carry on
It's time for change

Oh we were just babies having babies and I have no regrets
But the babies are gone, the TV stays on and I can't forget
I can't forget baby
I've got to keep movin'

'Cause we've been growin' apart
I just can't take it any more baby
Been growin' apart
For a long time now
Been growin' apart

I've got to rearrange my life
Been growin' apart
There's no one to blame
It's just time for change
Time to rearrange
Been growin' apart

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