This is Your Dance

(Pat Robinson, Elise Lebec)

You sparkle, you shine, you're beautiful here tonight
Glory be, I can see you finally found yourself

You've been touched, showered upon
The gods must love you, they're singing your song
It's hard sometimes to believe just how far we've come

Can't you see it's your moment?
Your memory this one's for you

Turn it on, turn it up
Take it in, this is it
Yeah, this is your chance

Turn it on, turn it up
Take it in, drink it up
Yeah, this is your dance

No more searching, soul traveling
Trying to make it all matter

Second guessing, always regretting
Wasting your life away

For so long you've been hoping
Just hanging on, for a night like this


You're not a tumble weed, waiting to blow
No sleep walking dreamer, with nothing to show

You've been a soldier of the real kind
Spirit ready and made to shine


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