The Ruling Class

(Pat Robinson, Dick Holler)

I own the penthouse you rent a flat
My Bengal tiger would love your cat
You want my money, that isn't fair
Try to imagine how little I care
I am the sickle, you are the grass
I am a member of the ruling class

If war is coming, I don't care
I build the bombs, pollute the air
Atomic power, alright with me
I need the money for my family
Bleeding heart, get off my ass
I am a member of the ruling class

I want the children of the world to have enough to eat
And so I let them sell my flowers to you on the street
Don't let them grow too fast
The status quo is of the ruling class

You live in fiction, I have the facts
I make the laws, you pay the tax
Do you like football, I own the team
It's fun to live the American dream
I want my future to be like my past
I am a member of the ruling class

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