The Referee

(Michael Georgiades, Pat Robinson)

The court room clerk stands up and says "All must rise "
From the chambers the judge appears with every reason to compromise
Bought him out on murder one dropped it down to 3rd degree
I guess it pays to know somebody like his honor the referee

Now justice isn't blind, it's just used to looking the other way
And the firm that secured the loan is gonna see you pay
The case is closed, the fight is over no one could agree
You don't need an arbitrator just his honor the referee

Always been a good provider, always been a family man
You've taken more than you should for as long as you can
And when you're just about to break, been cut down to your knees
You appeal to his honor the referee

He could hook off a jab but he just couldn't stand the pain
Cheating himself like a carpenter leaving tools out in the rain
The best advice that he could get was to stand and cop a plea
Throw himself at the mercy of his honor the referee

Now out there on the market place you learn to count your change
Whatever you can squeeze out of someone is fair exchange
No one's gonna tell you what the price is or what you get for free
Don't expect no miracles from his honor the referee
There are no favorites with his honor the referee

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