Somebody Like You

(Pat Robinson, Ron Coleman, Rocky Burnette)

Never done too much complaining
'Cause I've always got my share
And everybody knows how tough it is out there

But if there was one thing missing
I know just what it'd be
It would be the love of someone that
Could give me what I need

Somebody like you
Somebody to make my dreams come true
Someone who holds me like you do
Somebody like you
Somebody like you

Now I've always been a believer
And I've had my share of dreams
But they always seem to be just out of reach

When it comes to wishes
I know what mine'll be
To find someone just like the one
That got away from me


Something no amount of money can buy
Like tryin' to get the sun from a cloudy sky
Tryin' to find the moon after love has died
Like tryin' to find an angel without any wings
Talkin' 'bout a bluebird that don't ever sing
Like tryin' to find an angel my fallin' angel
My fallin' angel somebody like you

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