Sleepless Nights

(Pat Robinson)

You know I really thought I'd found my forever
Because you came along so easily
And everything we needed we found together
Now all I have to show are memories

But it's alright I'm getting' over you baby
Sleepless nights only had a few
I'll survive all the missin' you baby
I'm alright I'll survive
I'll survive these sleepless nights

I don't regret the time we had together
Well worth the heartache that I'm goin' through
I've changed my mind about ever and ever
Because the dreams I had aren't comin' true


So easy to believe the one you're kissin'
I never thought we'd ever say goodbye
But it's all over now except for the missin'
Still don't understand the reason why

And if she leaves your heart broken to pieces
You may say you'll never love again
But don't go searchin' for too many reasons
Because those broken hearts they always mend

And it's alright you'll get over your baby
Sleepless nights you'll only have a few
You'll survive if you're missin' your baby
You'll get by those sleepless nights


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