She Doesn't Know What I Know

(Pat Robinson, Bonny Moon)

We both love "Casablanca"
Popcorn and snuggling close
Long walks after dinner
And peanut butter on our toast

We're so comfortable together
Everyday the feelings grow

But she doesn't know what I know
She doesn't know she's mine
Not ready to let her heart go
Says she needs a little more time
Wants to take it slow
She doesn't know what I know

We have our (coffee) Starbucks in the morning
Croissants with butter and jam
A glass of Merlot over dinner
Sunsets and holding hands

I love everything about her
And she loves being with me


She's been hurt in the past
Was so sure it would last
Afraid to commit
Wants to be sure this is it

We're building a life together
I know what the future holds
We're making plans for forever
We're watching it as it unfolds

Ruby red Merlot with dinner
Lemon meringue for dessert
We know so much about each other
She's either here or I'm over there

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