Sentimental Fool

(Pat Robinson, Ron Coleman, Rocky Burnette)

Like a blind man in the attic
With no place left to go
Lookin' for an open window
With the empty sky below

Just a little sip of whiskey
Washin' down a memory
The old dog on the corner
Doesn't know he's been set free

Sentimental fool what am I gonna do
Sentimental fool can't get over you

There's a picture on the dresser
With a frame up on the wall
Comes a time you can remember
What you never could recall

And the eyelids growin' heavy
When the wind begins to blow
She's runnin' through the meadows
Where the weepin' willows grow


Hidin' in the shadows takin' all the blame
Never will forget her never be the same


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