Self Defense

(Pat Robinson, Steve Diamond)

Don't blame it all on me
Don't want no third degree
You know I'm not the kind to run around baby

My heart was on the line
She was a friend of mine
And baby, at the time, I was half crazy

I thought when you walked out that we were through
Now baby, what did you think I'd do?

Self defense
Baby, self defense
I didn't mean to hurt you
But my heart was in danger
Self defense
It was self defense
I wasn't lookin' for romance
I did it in self defense

You are the only one
I ever counted on
And you mean more to me than anything baby

But when I heard you say
You had to get away
That you been seein' way too much of me lately

It put our love right up against the wall
I had to hold someone to break my fall


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