Save it for Her

(Pat Robinson, Jill Michaels)

I don't mind a little runnin' around
But you're drivin' me crazy
And all the same time you say I'm what you need
And every word you say is so convincing baby
You give me every reason to believe

Save it for her
Save it for her
Save her all your words
Save it for her

Remember when you told me you'd be
The one to save me
And we won't let nobody in the way
But judging from the way that you've been acting lately
Now it seems too big a price to pay

No use in hiding what I already know
Someone's gonna have to learn to let go
I'm gonna make it easy for you baby

It hurts to know you give your love to another lady
It hurts to say I'm, better off alone
I can't win for losin', she can have you baby
I think you're doin' fine out on your own

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