Reconsider Me

(Pat Robinson, Billy Burnette)

I was living close to the edge
Keeping bad company
Just kept sinking in over my head
'Til I could not see

That I was losing you
Slowly losing you

When I woke up I was all alone
The damage had been done

Guess it took me just a little too long
To find out you're the one

And that I was a fool
A fool for losing you

Now if I said I'd change, would you change your mind?
'Cause I can't explain all the wasted time
If you'd just believe ... that you're all I need

Baby please ... reconsider me
Baby please ... reconsider me

You caught me when I was about to fall
Like I knew you would
When your back was up against the wall
You did the only thing you could

I was losing you
Was slowly losing you



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