(Pat Robinson, Harriet Schock)

One too many mysteries
One too many times
Finally got the best of me
And my mind

One too many set of books
One too many lies
One too many far-off looks
In your eyes

It takes a lot of patience
(Too many mysteries)
You gotta be a saint
(Too many times)
It takes somebody more than downright human
And, baby, I ain't

I'm out of patience
I'm out of patience

Don't be askin' what went wrong
Just watch me go
Maybe once you see me gone
You will know

It takes a lot of patience
(Don't ask me what went wrong)
You gotta be a fool
(Just watch me go)
It takes someone who wants to lose the game
To play by your rules
And I'da given more than just my heart
To make it with you

I'm out of patience
No more patience

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