One More Two Time

(Pat Robinson)

Now hold on baby ... how much have you got?
Nothing 'ill get you none
I'll make you a bet that this Saturday night
I'm in bed by a quarter to one

Now for some good reason you been watchin' me
With that eagle eye
You think I've been going out on you
Doin' it double time ...

You say "one more two time ...
Tired of you stepping out of line ...
One more two time ... after I've been true ... now I'm warning you ..."
"One more two time ...
Tired of you wasting my precious time
One more two time and we're through ...
And we're through ..."

She said "when you're good you know you can be good ...
But when you're bad you can be better ..."
And so I'm taking each day baby one by one
Staying true to the letter

(She) said "if there's one thing lately that troubles me
Well it's your gypsy soul ..."
"... so if you been creating any alibis
Think twice about coming home ..."


So I'm playing three aces ... backed by eights
In a game just outside of Peter's gates
Went to the store needed cigarettes
When I got back I saw two silhouettes

I said "one more two time
Tired of you stepping out of line ..."

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