Nothing Lasts Forever

(Pat Robinson, Brad Coleman)

Six-pack riding shotgun
Single like the wind
Sleepless in the city
Night life never ends

Met up with a gypsy
The crystal ball was clear
The truth is hard to swallow
So I chased it down with beer

The waitress in the diner
With the tattoo on her thigh
Diamond on her finger
Like the one that caught your eye

Cajun band was hotter
Than a thousand neon lights
Missin' my Carolina sweetheart
On a Saturday night

No matter where I go
No matter what I do
Nothin' lasts forever like the loss of loving you

Took a job in Tallahassee
Working graveyard overtime
Petal to the metal
Trying to work you off my mind

Dreamin' in the moonlight
Your face lights up the sky
Seeing is believing
When your heart breaks down inside


What do I have to do
There's no getting over you

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