Next Time Around

(Pat Robinson)

Baby that's not all we need give it one more chance
You don't use those eyes to see it was just a dance

Another merry-go-round
Well I'll be in town
The next time around

You know it don't take much to see that it's a blind man's bluff
Getting used to the misery isn't tough enough

And I'll be around
To see who shoots who down
The next time around

Tell you, tell me, tell us everything
But what does your heart believe?

I didn't think I'd be gone this long babe it's a long, long way
Maybe it won't be long now babe and I'll be home to stay

Well, I've seen enough by turning my back
No heart is that tough for this heart attack
Well I'll be around we'll see what goes down
The next time around
The next time around

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