My Marie

(Gene Clark, Pat Robinson)

Duet by Gene Clark and Pat Robinson

I saw you down, in the underground
With a knight in tarnished armor,
You looked a little harder,
But there was softness in your smile

The magic spell, you weave so well
Still lives in me unbroken,
My love for you unspoken,
Though it's been here all the while

I can't believe it's really you, my Marie
Have you finally realized, where you want to be
I've known for sometime
Somewhere down the line
You were meant to be with me, Marie

The last I heard, your painted word
Still lived with canvas dancers
Who asked you for no answers
To the questions you deny

You bring the darkened walls to light
While the city rolls in slumber
Reflecting what you remember
From the ages you've survived


Your brush it swirls, through worlds now lost
To wars of greed and passion
And to the few that do survive
There is no satisfaction

The angry sons, who pound the drums
Of dogma and religion
Know nothing of your vision
That true love never dies

I've plundered through a fortune
Just to take a beggar's wages
While I try to write the pages
Of this book of many lives


So here we meet, on a one-way street,
In this village full of clutter
You know that no one knows you like
You know there is "no other"

The mirror of the morning
Finds a poet half awakened
With a song that was mistaken
For a dream still in his mind

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