Meet Me

(Pat Robinson, Rich Gilbert)

There's a dark street lit with neon
Where whiskey is the tide
And desperate dreams like a rack o' pool balls collide

There's a white beach runnin' for miles and miles
Where dreams are turned to light
And the golden and the children, how they shine

There's a million voices callin' me
Runnin' through my soul
Help me find the harmony
Help me find the cross roads

Meet me meet me in the middle
Meet me baby give a little
Meet me where real love waits
In between the sinners and saints

I can feel the pendulum
Swingin' back and forth
I long for the center, but
My time is runnin' short

There's a woman starrin' in my dreams
And she's the one I need
Sister of the street and
Beauty of the ivory beach

She's a dedicated servant of love
But she calls no one her master
Babe, I feel it when we touch
You're the one I'm after


Between the sinners and saints

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