May God Bless All Your Footsteps

(Pat Robinson)

It's been too long since I've seen you
Your traveling is out of hand
When will you be returning?
End this life of a traveling man

It's time you put your roots in
This soil rich and brown
The fire's always burning
It's time you settled down

May God bless all your footsteps
Silver line ... all of your clouds
May you find true understanding
And never get lost in a crowd

May all your acts of conviction
Be rewarded with peace of mind
May God bless all your footsteps
And may they lead you home to mine

Have you satisfied your taste for adventure?
Gotten comfort for your soul
Or have you gotten caught up with strangers
Who have nowhere left to go?

The world is entertaining
A thousand things to see
But what about a family
What about you and me


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