Love on Ice

(Michael Georgiades, Jeff Monday, Pat Robinson)

Footsteps on the street are the only sound
Guess everyone's asleep in this dirty ole town
Standing on the corner last couple of nights
Shadows on the shade are showing your lies

'Til now, there's been no black and blue
'Til now, I've been counting on you
'Til now, it's all been going so right
Now, we got love on ice

Never been the sort of guy to prowl in the dark
But the last few days I been moving like a shark
Never seen myself in such a pale moonlight
Looking so haunted like the hungry type


You got no one but yourself when you're on your own
When the temperature drops to an all time low
Never thought I'd ever have to compromise
Looking for some comfort in a stranger's eyes

'Til now, there's been no IOU
'Til now, I've had nothing to lose
'Til now, it's been black and white
Now, we got love on ice

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