Looks Like Rain

(Pat Robinson, Brad Coleman)

There's an old bridge on the corner
Where the river runs high and dry
Memories and life long dreams
We said 'til the day we die

But we grew apart together
We'll forever be moving on
Somewhere in that shadow of darkness
Lies a midnight sun
Baby you're still the one

Looks like rain, looks like rain
If you separate the rainbow from the pain
Looks like rain, looks like rain
You're the tear that falls and looks like rain

Summer's last horizon
Now falls October sky
Everything is changing
But the way I feel inside
I pray for strength and guidance
But still I wonder why
It takes a prayer to ask forgiveness
But takes forever to say goodbye
And you're never satisfied

It's hard letting go, when you love someone
You know it hurts me everyday
But you can't feel the warmth of yesterday's sun
There's one too many reasons in the way

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