Listen to Your Heart

(Pat Robinson, Harriet Schock)

Baby's outta town and far from home
She finds a station on the radio
And she's tryin' oh, so hard
To listen to her heart

Somebody's singin' that it feels so good
To be doin' what nobody should
When the devil starts to talk
It's louder than your heart

Nightlife blinds you with bright lights
Tinsel shines in the dark
But listen to your heart

It's been a week now since she's heard his voice
TV or loneliness, a bitter choice
Old suspicion starts to knock
It's stronger than her heart

He'll go blind within the hour
From the wine poured in the dark
And he'll find he's lost his power
To listen to his heart

Baby calls him and his voice is strange
She pictures all the ways that love can change
And she's too afraid to talk
For fear she'll fall apart

So they both hang up the telephone
They're not feeling much too bad to be alone
Guess it ain't nobody's fault
But love can break your heart

Love will blind and unnerve you
Tear your mind apart
'Til you find that it serves you
To listen to your heart
Listen to your heart

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