Keep Me Lovin' You

(Pat Robinson)

Call me, call me on the telephone
Leave me a message if I'm not at home
Don't ever let one night go by
Keep me lovin' you

Five o'clock baby, don't be late
We're startin' early 'cause I couldn't wait
Say you need me baby, tell me why
Keep me lovin' you

Tie me tight inside your love chain
Fly me higher than a jet plane
Keep me hummin' like a night train
Keep me lovin' you

Flashin' lightin' in the pourin' rain
Blowin' faster than a hurricane
When it's over baby, start again
Keep me lovin' you

Talka talka baby, talk to me
Don't you ever try to set me free
Go 'head and kiss me baby, through the night
Keep me lovin' you

Take me, take me to your hideaway
You know I need to hold you every day
Lock the door baby, kill the light
Keep me lovin' you

CHORUS (twice)

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