Just Like You

(Timothea Beckerman, Steven Busch, Pat Robinson)

Just like you gotta find myself a man
Just like you, it's all been in my plan
He'll be the one for me if he could only be
Just like you

I need a man that has your southern style
He'll have to have your hands
Might even wear your smile
He'll be the one for me if only he could be
Just like you

They threw away the mold baby
When they made you
If I'd done the right thing
You would be here with me too
If I should be so lucky to strike that gold again
I'll hold you with my dear life to find another friend
Just like you


I'm overdue, I'm long overdue
And it's the truth baby, I'm all alone and blue
You know it's pourin' rain, I want to come inside again
With someone just like you

It ain't no crime that I want to find a man so fine
I know there will come a time it would make my life complete
If I could only meet
Someone just like you


Just like you

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