Just Around the Corner

(Pat Robinson, Le Roy Marinell)

If she tells ya she's thinkin' o' leavin'
That you should find someone new
You may find it kinda hard believin'
That losin' would be good for you

Despite the fights and all the problems
Funny how you hate to see it end
But when it's certain the final curtain
Has started to descend

Let go there's no point in it
Let go you'll get over it

'Cause love is just around the corner
Always seems to be enough
When it's the last thing you're lookin' for
You're just around the corner from love

Now you find that you been feelin'
Kinda sorry for yourself
You're resigned to lonely weekends
Seems there'll never be nobody else

There's other styles and other smiles
But she's all you can see
And even though it's been awhile
(You) still live for mem-o-ries

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