It's All in Your Eyes

(Pat Robinson)

You've got that far away look again
I got a feeling that it's all over
We knew those tears would have to come again
No need to cry
Or try and pretend
There's no reason why baby
In the end

'Cause it's all there in your eyes
You don't have to say a word to me baby
It's all there in your eyes
Nothing to say, nothing to hide
It's all in your eyes

Now I still think of you everyday
I hope that time will ease my thoughts about you
And now your new love has gone away
A broken smile
That hides a year
It's all worth while if you can
Hide the tears


No need for long lost conversation
Or how I'm missing you
No need for all those long, long words we use

It's been too long since I've seen you last
You know I'll always feel that way about you
So come on home you don't need to ask
No need for reasons or
Wrong or right baby
Two lovers somewhere
In the heat of the night


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