I Owe You, Baby

(Pat Robinson, Harriet Schock)

If only I can find a way
There's something my heart needs to say
So sit yourself here by my side
And look into my thankful eyes

There was a time not long ago
When you reached out to save my soul
Another woman (man just) might have gone
But you stuck with me right or wrong

And I owe you, baby
For giving me a second chance
I owe you, baby
When I was 'bout to drown
You gave me love
You help me up
When I let you down

Oh so crazy and confused
I didn't think what I could lose
Like a man who was nearly killed
I'm thankin' God and always will


I owe you, baby
I owe you
I owe you so much
Love could be given to me
I feel it movin' through me

You're such a blessing
You are the best thing
That ever happened to me


I owe you

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