I'm Still Standing

(Timothea Beckerman. Steven Busch, Pat Robinson)

I've been let down by love again
This time it almost did me in
But I'm still standing

Once again he did me wrong
A heart can only be so strong
And I'm still hangin'

I barely landed on my feet
Once again I've been deceived
I get back up and I try again
Feeling used and abused
Sometime I don't know where I been

You said you'd stay and now you're gone
And now I'll have to carry on
But I'm still hopin'
Maybe time will heal this wound
I've had it with these heartbreak tunes
And all this cryin'

One day I'll learn to take my time
That love's no nursery rhyme
Where the princess is wakened with a kiss
A broken love cuts like a knife
You may be wrong baby but you may be right
How does one, how does one go on like this?

It's still rainin' in my heart
How do I make a brand new start?
I'm still tryin'

You know I thought I had it all
I set myself up for this fall
There's no denying


I'm still standing
I'm doin' the very best I can
Baby I'm still standing

I'm back on the road again
I'm still standing

I gotta think about myself now
I'm still standing

I'm gonna stand right until the end
I'm still standing

Oh I got the good Lord to thank for that now
I'm still standing

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