Immigrant Girl

(Gene Clark, Pat Robinson)

Her ancient Egyptian eyes
Look out on to the barrio
Oo-oo sha-la-la-la

You stack the magazines
While you greet the others
Oo-oo immigrant girl

Your grandmother gave you her Egyptian ring
Just to wear when you find a husband

And you see everything
Around this all American
Oo-oo sha-la-la-la

The radio stations
Play rock 'n roll for you
Oo-oo immigrant girl

In my heart, I see a memory
Maybe it was some other time, some other place
And you're still longing to be free
You can become anything you want in free America
And you want a piece of this American life

Oo-oo sha-la-la-la
Won't you be my baby
Oh won't you be my lady

Life is long in America
We don't live in a magazine stand

You see the sun go down
On this dark old LA town

Oo-oo sha-la-la-la

Everything you touch all you see with every new face
You will find immigrant girl

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