If You Had Been There

(Pat Robinson, Elise Lebec)

You were too young to be a mother
So I grew old before my time
And I will never get another
Another chance for me to be a child
And I think I'm okay now
But I can't help but wonder
There are so many questions
That can never be answered

Who would I be today
If you had been there
Would my life look the same
If you had been there
All the memories that we could've shared
If you had been there, If you had been there

Did you know how I adored you
Copied every move you made
So when I needed you to hold me
How could you have turned away

Even though I'm all grown up
There's still something missing
The little girl inside me
Just keeps on asking


If you had rocked me to sleep
And kissed me in the morning
If you had listened to my dreams
You could've made them come true

If you had shown me the love
That makes for happy endings
You'd have been a hero to me
Been a hero to me


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