If I Can't Have You

(Pat Robinson, Tim Cooney, Michael Georgiades)

I'd rather have no one
Than have all the rest
I'd rather have nothin'
Than settle for less

And if there's a reason
For the things we do
I'd rather have nothin'
If I can't have you

Is it a matter of time until it falls apart
Another justification for a broken heart
Like a house of cards that's ready to fall
If I can't have you, I want nothin' at all


And we do our best to make things work
But things get complicated and we get hurt
If wishes were horses, you know we all would ride
What does it take to keep us satisfied?


And things aren't always the way they seem
All our expectations go up in dreams
I count my blessings that I've got something to lose
I know what I've got 'cause I've paid my dues

Days go by like a lazy river
If she makes mistakes, you know I forgive her


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