Hush (You Talk Too Much)

(Pat Robinson)

People say you gotta stay in line
Get into trouble if you speak your mind
But that ain't where I'm comin' from

Don't talk about the air we breathe
Don't talk about the earth we leave
It ain't a crime without a gun

Hush, hush ... you talk too much
We don't care what's on your mind
Hush, hush ... it's a cover up
Careful, don't step outta line
Hush, hush ... you talk too much
Hush, hush ... yeah ...

The future comes... way too fast
If we don't learn from the past
You gotta know what you need

Care don't get in the way
Of the corporate "day to day"
Forget about the air that we breathe

Got to keep your mouth shut
Never rat on your friends
Better to keep it buttoned
You'll learn that in the end

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