Honey is That You?

(Pat Robinson, Rocky Burnette)

Cancel all my future plans, I'm stayin' home
If you see her, I'll be sittin' here by the telephone
I'm waitin' on my baby she said she'd call
You know it's drivin' me crazy I been hearin' it all
You know it's all over town she found someone new

Honey is that you honey is that you?
They're sayin' that we're through
Say it isn't true honey is that you?

You know I thought I heard a knockin' on the door
I thought I heard familiar footsteps on the floor
Could it be my baby stoppin' by?
Would she ever leave me I don't know why
I don't know why she'd ever wanna say we're through


Well I haven't seen my baby since Saturday night
I know if she could tell me she would make it right
Well I don't know if it's true
That's why I'm asking my baby

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