Holdin' On

(Pat Robinson, Rich Feldman)

We've been the mountain, the mountain so high
And we've been the river that almost went dry
We've shared our tears both in love and pain
So many years and we still feel the same

We've been a gentle, cool summer breeze
And we've been the storm ragin' at sea
Lost in a world that's movin' too fast

Lost in this crazy world where love never lasts

We're still holdin' on
With all we've got
Still goin strong
Against the odds
Lovers come and lovers go
But you and I were holdin' on

You were the hope through all my despair
When no one answered, I was your prayer
A shinin' light when clouds covered the sun
Two hearts forever are stronger than one

Was it luck that we found each other?
Or did it come from above?
Who can know if it will last forever?
Will we be together?
Long as we keep holdin' on

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