Head-On Collision

(Pat Robinson, Rich Gilbert)

All our tactful conversation
The careful things we say
Both afraid that separation
Will come from makin' waves

We can hide our love in velvet gloves
But the fist won't go away
It's time you and I stand eye to eye
And say it hard and straight

We need a head-on collision
Moment of decision
No more escaping
Things that need facing
One on one I'll meet you head-on

Time hasn't solved the issue
It's just made older pain
Baby, when I go to kiss you
You're a million miles away

Cold war fightin' and back bitin'
Will not bring the change
I'd rather do time on the firin' line
Than slowly die away


No more tactful conversation
Runnin' from the confrontation
Acting like it's obligation
We've become so isolated
We need our privacy invaded (twice)

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