Gotta Get That Feelin' Back

(Pat Robinson, Phil Seymour)

Every time I'm with someone new
I always end up baby thinkin' of you
'Cause what we had was just too special

And every time it seems I turn around
The hands of time are tryin' to drive me down
My memories just won't let go

And every night my dreams are all about you
'Cause only you could ever make 'em come true

Won't you help me get that feelin' back?
The only one you and I could have
Somehow I gotta get that feelin' back
Get it back

All the times that I held you near
Feels like yesterday they're just as clear
That was the best I've ever felt

If only I could make it up to you
If only you could feel the same way too
We could have it all this time baby


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