(Pat Robinson, Jennifer Miller)

She lays on the pillow
He laid on so many nights
Quietly humming their song
The children are grown
Her body aged and worn
He's been gone so very long

She remembers when she first saw him
So handsome, self assured
Now she sleeps alone, usually in pain
But tonight she sleeps undisturbed

There's a stranger in Goodtown tonight
Easing the pain of the warriors' fight ... in Goodtown tonight
There's a stranger in Goodtown tonight
Walking the streets with a heavenly light ... in Goodtown tonight

They're married ten years now
Seen a lot of hard times
No work in this little town
She blames him for everything
He blames her just the same
Seems life just keeps them down

He stares out the window, she stares at the floor
No happiness here anymore
He lifts a hand to touch her, how familiar she feels
Tonight, there's love once more

The stranger's a legend of long ago
Many tales of an angel in sight
One peaceful night each year, they say
And there's peace in Goodtown tonight

The little girl often cries
Daddy does the best he can
Raising her all alone
Her mama's gone
Just one of those things
She'll understand when she's grown

Daddy gives her daffodils, teaches her to dance
Nothing he wouldn't do
He feels the loneliness, of a broken heart
But tonight, he's dancing too

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