Goin' Down

(Pat Robinson)

Things have been hittin' me hard these days
It's not really like me to be the way I been
I guess I been mostly runnin' 'round in a daze
I've always had more than a handout left to spend

Your door's always knockin' when you're on top, they say
Well, mine's always knockin' but no one's ever there
How it feels to be comin' when everyone else is goin' away
Is somethin' that you hide by pretending that you don't really care

And honey, how I need you
How I'd like to meet you
Comin' 'round the next time around
'Cause if I'm not goin' up
I'm goin' down

Don't say it 'less you mean it, if you mean it, don't say it show me
I'm believin' half I see and not a thing I hear
Sometimes I close my eyes to see more clearly
Sometimes pain only brings me a lonesome tear


No woman, no man's got a permanent hold on breathin'
And when I stop don't be thinkin' that I'll be dead
'Cause just as breathin' ain't never been a sign we're living
Dying's not a sign that I never really meant what I said

And honey, when it's over
I'll make it over
But it'll have to be the next time around
'Cause if I'm not goin' up
Well you know I'm not goin' up
'Cause if I'm not goin' up
I'm goin' down

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