Get Me on the Train to Memphis

(Pat Robinson)

Rode into town on the midnight flyer special
With a twenty dollar bill for a stash
Got no jobs for the good ol' boy
Six days gone, I ran outta cash

Got me a meal at the Mission home
Feel like I'm doin' time
I wrote a letter home to my sweet woman
Told her I was doin' fine

Aah, get me on the train to Memphis
Get me on the train, and fast
Fever in my bones, got to get home
Tennessee is callin' (she knows her son has fallen)

Nothin' but rain for breakfast
Don't know how long I can last
Feelin' the pain, 'bout to go insane
Get me on the train

Panhandlin' down on Michigan Avenue
Singin' for nickels and dimes
Had to hock my ass for a dollar bill
One more day and I'm over the line

Livin' downtown at the Grand Hotel
Room's two-fifty a day
If I take another trip, I'm gonna skip Chicago
I don't believe I'm gonna stay

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