Fear of Falling

(Robert Varney, Pat Robinson)

The fear of heights is just the fear of falling
The fear of going over the edge
The fear of falling/heights is just the fear of falling
Where you land/will be above your head
Even if you fall is there above your head

The safety net is just a supposition
It was taken down years/long ago
You have to learn to trust your heart instead
The fear of heights is just the fear of falling
Afraid of getting in over your head

So don't look down high wire tight wire
You know it just should get easier as you go
Afraid to take another chance

A heart is safe within' the walls of its castle
Always feels so safe and so warm
The fear of life is not the fear of dying
It's the fear of being somewhere safe from harm

A ship is always safe inside the harbor
But a ship was made for better things to do

Don't look back, there's nothing there but memories
Places that existed long ago
Trust your heart, listen to its story
It will tell you what you need to know

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