Everyone Who's Coming Home is Home

(Pat Robinson)

Yes, I did dismiss it
When you said you're through
Washed the kids and dishes
Then waited up for you
Went to bed around midnight
Woke up before dawn

Lonely is a heartbeat
When you know it's just your own
Empty is a pillow
When you lie on it alone
Knowing everyone who's coming home is home

I thought I heard your footsteps
Walking 'cross the floor
I thought I heard a soft tap
At my bedroom door
Little Johnny was cryin'
Askin' is Mommy gone


Everyone who's coming home is home
Is sittin' here with me
I told them Mommy wouldn't really
Leave her family
So go back to bed now
When you wake up she'll be here
Then I had to turn my head
So they wouldn't see the tears


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