Don't Give Up

(Jill Roberts, Pat Robinson)

Sure we had it out now you're tellin' me
We're heading into stormy weather
But I knew when I saw you darlin'
You'd be mine forever and ever
As far as we have come
As far as we can run

Don't give up, on me babe
You don't mean it, you don't mean what you say
Don't give up, come on babe
We can find it, we can find another way
Don't give up don't let it slip away

Don't you know by now
Nothin' good ever comes that easy
And all I have to say is that you've always
Been the one to please me
As far as w have come
As far as we can run


We've been down this road before
And I'm asking you once more
I'm beggin' you baby
Don't give up

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