Coyote Moon

(Pat Robinson, Bob Strom)

Silent in the darkness, no stranger to the street
A shadow passing through the night, to an ancient beat
You thought you heard a whisper, or was it just the wind
Calling to a neon moon, coyote

He comes to steal your fantasies, and violate your dreams
He has a million answers weaving through his million schemes
You look into obscurity for what naked eyes can't see
Howling to a neon moon, coyote

He's heard all your confessions
And blessed you with his lies
He brings forbidden treasures
We get through compromise

You take him to your hideaway, he holds you in his arms
A time of resignation, you surrender to his charms
Shackled by the moment, not wanting to break free
Crying to a neon moon, coyote

Carelessly you wager, that your sins will be forgiven
You've said all your Hail Marys, laid it all on your religion
All you wanted was adventure, a chance to spread your wings
Singing to a neon moon, coyote


Irrepressible by nature, uncompromising style
A survivor of the corridors where prayers are in denial
He gave you what you wanted, you've taken what you need
Calling to a neon moon, coyote

He's found a place inside your soul, never embraced before
He's found the key that will unlock, your heart's unopened door
Inhibitions crashing, on a bed of flaming silk
Wailing to a neon moon, coyote


You're not another victim, it's his predatory way
You're the blood he craves at night, to get through another day
You satisfy a hunger from a thousand years ago
Howling to a neon moon, coyote

Shameless in desire, you still dream of him at night
You've lost your faith and innocence, but still know wrong from right
Sometimes you think you hear him, just outside your door
Crying to a neon moon, coyote

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