Cosmic Neighborhood

(Pat Robinson, Dick Holler)

When the Third World gets too hungry
And the fatted calf is gone
And the cats and dogs are eaten
But the hunger still goes on

And the clever politicians
Having compromised their souls
Begin to point their fingers to the west
Screamin' you have got the money
But we have got the bomb
And when you wake up someday, we'll be the one
Pressurized atomized gamma-rayed for good
We will soon be brothers in the cosmic neighborhood

Now when the Tajmahal is ashes
And the pyramids are sand
And the Eiffel Tower is melted
By the lovin' touch of man

And the streets of New York City
Have finally been swept clean
Stand like dying tombstones in the sun
Remember it was easy to get it while you could
But you were lookin' out for number one
Inner-faced outer-spaced micro-waved for good
We will then be brothers in the cosmic neighborhood

When your mother's gone to pieces
And the sky begins to glow
And the trees light up like matchsticks
And there's no place left to go

We will find our destination
In the final resting place
Where everyone is equal from now on
But deep inside the ocean, new life begins to grow
Somethin' tells 'em that their time has come
Shrink-wrapped vacuum-packed we did all we could
We will all be brothers in the cosmic neighborhood

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