Caught Up Being Blue

(Pat Robinson, Elise Lebec)

You're perfect I know it
You walk as if you own it
You're lovely, I want you
And I want you to want me too

I'm a stranger out of season
My heart bleeds for no reason
I'm jealous that the wind
Gets to touch your skin

I'm not the type who gives in easy
It takes someone like you to please me

There's something about you
And I'm all caught up being blue
Yeah you're some kind of special
If only I could get to you

You're sexy intellectually ready
For anything I can say
I like that you're dangerous
But still sweet as candy

I'm waiting for a green light
Some signal to tell me it's alright
It's messin' with my head
But still I can't let you go

I see you've taken a privileged position
I might be more than you can handle


I'm sure you've been here before
And know what it means
Not every open door
Is the one that you need


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