Can't Say No

(Gene Clark, Pat Robinson)

Some Memphis, limp wrist, covered in Amethyst
Has something we should know
The latest word ... on the most absurd ...
From the latest fashion show

While some city slicker with a slight hair-trigger ...
Wants a five year warranty
He wants the best protection ... wants the best selection ...
He wants a cure for nicotine

'Cause we're all looking for security
But we can't find it honey
We're all asking for guarantees
That we can't buy with money

'Cause we can't say yes
We can't say no
If we hide our eyes ... say love is blind
Then we're never gonna know

We can't decide
Can't make up our minds
We can't say yes ... and we can't say no
And we can't hold on much longer ...
But we won't let go

Now you can pave your way
Up to Monterey
With the remains of broken hearts

It shouldn't come as any surprise
That it's the latest ... "state of the art"

And on the radio
We got "Tokyo Rose"
With a message to some "John"

There comes a time
When you've got to decide
Which side you're really on


Depending on you baby
Waiting on you girl

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