Can't Buy You Class

(Timothea Beckerman, Pat Robinson)

Come on over here and talk to me
Tell me what's on your mind
You're holdin' that nose up in the air
If it rains, you're gonna drown

You only stay in a five star hotel
'Cause you got some cash
Cash don't buy you everything
And most of all baby
It don't buy you class

You can't buy me
Money can't buy you

That fancy car that you shine so hard
So you can see your face
Don't match your mouth
When you open it
Honey you're so out of place

And everywhere that you got to go
Ya' gotta get there fast
Honey you better open your eyes
'Cause money can't buy you class

Somethin' that should be comin' natural
Ain't comin' naturally
You better go tell your banker
If you're lookin' for sympathy

'Cause money can't buy you class
You can't buy me

You think Armani and bein' good at golf
Will give you personality
You do whatever you can
To be seen at night with any celebrity

And on each arm you gotta a Frederick's girl
With a perfect past
One thing's for sure
That you got no taste and
Money can't buy you class



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